Meet Some Paddlers


As a breast cancer survivor during the 90’s I was told how beneficial dragon boating would be to me and being a bit of a water rat I often thought that I would like to try it. In 2006 when we retired to Bonville I discovered there was a club just down the road and joined Titivators in early 2007. I loved it-both the paddling and the people. My first regatta was at Caloundra Qld and I was totally hooked.

Even though some of the members are cancer survivors there is never a focus on cancer but they are there to lend an ear and give support if needed. Paddling sessions are fun, the camaraderie is amazing…. and I am now much fitter. No lighter unfortunately, but definitely stronger and fitter!
After a time I was asked if I would like to learn to be a sweep (steerer).

I really enjoyed the challenge and am now a level 3 Steerer and also a qualified DBNSW coach – as are all Titivators steerers.

I was also proud to be on the committee for some years and felt great satisfaction being part of a group steering the club in a positive direction. I love encouraging everyone to get the most out of paddling and now that we have two boats for training sessions it is great to be able to accommodate serious paddlers wanting to compete at club level and paddlers just wanting to keep fit and have fun.

For me, regattas are still a real highlight and I love the adrenalin rush that comes from racing with the crowd cheering us on.

Being on the water is fantastic, it can be calming, relaxing, invigorating or exhausting but always enjoyable. I’m so happy to be a member of Titivators and to see how the club has grown and progressed over the last 10 years without losing its sense of fun.


I joined the Titivators just over a year ago after one of my neighbours asked if I’d be interested in having a paddle. My sister-in-law and I had been passing the Tits on our walking route for a couple of years. They’d be there for a Saturday paddle, having a lot of laughs and obviously a lot of fun. We’d watch for a while and I’d made the comment that I wished I knew a breast cancer survivor because I’d really love to have a go at paddling. I thought (wrongly) that it was a club for survivors and supporters.

The day that Wendy stopped and asked was the beginning of what I’m sure will be a long relationship with the Titivators. I had my first paddle a week later and was hooked from that moment. Even though I had been a gym member for about 16 years, I was surprised at the intensity of the workout and at how fit these people were. They were certainly a mixed bunch but they were linked by an incredible camaraderie and a passion for the sport.

It’s a great way to exercise and for the first time in my life I’ve found I have a competitive streak. Bring on the regattas! The regattas are not only a reward for the hours of training but an excuse to go away for a weekend of competition and frivolity (what happens on tour stays on tour!)

The Titivators are a committed and well-organised group, friendly and always quick for a laugh. We have a wonderful captain, awesome coaches and a dedicated committee. If you’re thinking of having a go, don’t hold back! Come and have a few lessons to refine your technique. You’re bound to know someone there, and if you don’t, it won’t take you long to fit right in.


I am 13 years old and have been paddling for 3 months and I love it!

I started paddling because I watched my Mum paddling and though it looked fun.  It was a bit scary try something so new but once I went to my first training session I knew I would be here for a while.

I like the fact that everybody works to their own limits – so even though we work as a team it’s ok if you are not as strong or as fit as someone else.  It’s also awesome when we are out paddling and we have dolphins and turtles swimming alongside the boat.

The coaches are really encouraging and I have learnt a lot in a small amount of time.

I recently went to my first regatta and had so much fun.  Racing is very exciting and being a part of a team out on the water is very cool!

The beautiful ladies (and guys) in the club are absolutely wonderful and so caring. We are all just one big family.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone over 12 and there is no maximum age