Membership & How to Join

How to Become a Member

Throughout the year we hold “Come & Try” Days for anyone over 12 years of age who is interested in learning more about Dragon Boating.  You are also welcome to try paddling at any time of year by contacting the club and joining a new paddler session.  We offer new paddlers 3 free paddling sessions which cover the techniques of paddling, safety and race procedures.  To learn more about what to expect at your first training sessions see What to Expect

After the 3 introductory sessions most people will have a pretty good idea if they are interested in joining.  At this stage you would be asked to complete a Membership application form and pay your membership fees before joining in regular club training sessions.

Membership Process

Annual membership is comprised of two components:

a. Titivators Urunga Club Membership
You will need to complete the Titivators Urunga Dragon Club Inc membership application and give to the coach or Secretary. This can be downloaded from this page or ask a member for an application.

b. Membership to our governing State body (Dragon Boats NSW)
One of our committee members will be able to assist you with this.

Fees are due in July each year.

Uniforms & Clothing

The Club has an Equipment officer that takes all orders for Club Uniforms and accessories.

a. Training Sessions

There is no compulsory uniform for training sessions – it is recommended you wear comfortable clothing that you don’t mind getting wet. and footwear that can be worn in the water (i.e Crocs, rock shoes etc) is also recommended to avoid any injuries to your feet whilst loading the boat.

Many members prefer to purchase paddling pants with a grip bottom to assist in avoiding slipping on the seat whilst paddling and paddling gloves.  These can be purchased from various Dragon Boat retailers.

b. Club Uniform

Club members are required to purchase a Club “Dress Shirt”  – these shirts are currently Pink for females and Jade Green for Men.

A Club weatherproof jacket.  The jacket is optional but valuable when attending regattas especially when the weather turns a bit nasty.

c. Regattas

When the club competes in regattas we wear a club “Rashie” which will be given to you on the day by the equipment officer and returned at the end of the Regatta.  The club owns these rashies and to keep them in good condition and avoid loss they remain with the Equipment officer when we are not at Regattas.  The Club Rashies have a Short Sleeve but you can purchase a singlet version.


Paddles & Equipment

The club owns 2 International standard racing Dragon Boats and trailers which are used for training and at Regattas.

Timber “Grey Owl” paddles are provided for members without paddles – these paddles remain the property of the club and are kept in storage at our club house for use of Members during training and regattas.

Most members quickly purchase their own paddles to suit their own height and reach. Carbon Fibre paddles can be purchased from a number of suppliers for $200-300. It is important that you choose an IDBF approved Dragon Boat paddle – Merlin paddles and Burnwater paddles are both approved paddles.

Paddling gloves can be purchased through the club, at Regattas or online. Some suppliers we can recommend are as follows:


Merlin Gear


Download the Membership Application Form