Taree Regatta 2015 Results



A big congratulations to the team members  who competed at the Taree regatta.  We had a lot of new paddlers and everyone pulled together and paddled brilliantly.

Our sweeps for the weekend were Beth, Wendy and Robyn – who once again did a fabulous job.  We had a near miss collision in the first women’s heat when a boat cut across our lane – Wendy avoided an incident and the team, being so well drilled, stopped the boat very quickly.

Thank you to Jan for another great job as Team Captain and for bringing the trailer.  And to Lois for sorting accomodation, tags and uniforms.

Here are the final results for the day from DBNSW: Taree_Regatta_FinalResults_25Jan2015

In summary:

Sports Womens 

Heat 1 – 4th Time 1.11.50 (this is the heat we had to stop to avoid collision)

Heat 2 – 3rd Time 1.05.85

Sports Mixed

Heat 1 – 2nd   Time: 54.93

Heat 2 – 3rd Time: 59.91