What to Expect

Getting Started

We understand starting a new sport can be a bit daunting. To make things easier for you we have dedicated coaches who will assist you in learning the technique of Dragon Boating and assist you in understanding the basics.

You can attend 3 introductory training sessions (free of charge) to decide if Dragon Boating is for you.

Before getting into the boat you will learn how to hold your paddle, the basics of a stroke and how to position your body in the boat when paddling.

If you cannot swim 50m fully clothed you will be asked to wear a life jacket for your safety – it is rare for a boat to capsize but your safety is of utmost importance to us.


You will be shown how to load the boat safely and the coach will seat you with more experienced paddlers for support and demonstration. The boat is 12 meters long and takes 20 paddlers, a steerer and the coach (in race situations the coach is replaced by a drummer). Paddlers sit side by side and the boat is powered by working in unison to move the water down the side of the boat with your paddle. During a training session you will have the opportunity to paddle on both sides of the boat.

The first three training sessions will be approximately 30 minutes in duration – during this time you will practice your paddling stroke, perform a race start, learn about the difference between power and rate and be given instructions on racing and safety procedures.

As you build your stamina the coaches may extend the training sessions up to 1 hour . Fitness levels in paddlers differ greatly, even experienced paddlers can sometimes run out of steam – we completely understand this and you can pull your paddle in at anytime to rest.

After 3 sessions we expect that you will have a pretty good idea whether you would like to join.

To join the club, we ask you to complete the Membership Application with membership fees. See here for more information on membership.

More information about membership


Being a Titivator

Once you have become a member and have mastered the basics you will join with the general training sessions held on a Tuesday and Thursday evening and a Saturday morning.

Training builds on your initial sessions and you can gradually build you stamina and race fitness for participating in Regattas.

All members are encouraged to have a go at Regattas to experience the full excitement of Dragon Boat racing and because they are a fun social event for the club. Our members compete in mixed races (men & women), juniors and mens 10’s and women’s races.